Kate McMillan

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...My modern ceramic designs are sculptural vases

Or vertical sculptures on handwoven textile panels...


The Pacific Northwest is rugged, cultured, diverse and . . . home.

I was locally sourced in Seattle's Mt. Baker Park community on the shore of Lake Washington. Our 'backyard' was a vast color wheel of giant ferns, old growth cedars, and winding rose gardens,

I'm inspired today every time the seasons change, from the textures of the mountains to the fluidity of water; it's all there in the clay. 

Raku is my primary medium. I hand-build or wheel-throw all of our ceramics and create the raku glaze formulas. All of our tableware is fired with certified food-safe commercial glaze.


My studio partner and I fire our work at the Spirit Line Pottery studio.  

Many of our 2020 raku wall hangings & vases are from the Northwest landmark inspired series: 'Locally Sourced'


A featured symbol throughout all of our designs is Enso, the circle of life,


The famous Double Happiness symbol is updated with pairs of enso atop rugged vases to symbolize durable unions.


The enso wall hangings are ceramic sculptures mounted on handwoven textile panels. They represent natural beauty and wish visitors many happy, albeit challenging adventures.


The rest of our raku wall hangings are a style we first developed in 2014. 

‘Sumi Flambe: Raku-Fired Brush Paintings’.

They are sumi-e paintings on ‘scrolls’ of clay that are fired with vibrant glazes.


I co-own Spirit Line Pottery with my life-partner, Al Bryant. Al is a Seattle architect of 40-years, who worked with architect Ralph Anderson in Seattle during the 1970's.   'Northwest Style' aesthetic and architecture drives our studio. It respects natural shapes, colors, and textures. The Northwest Style often features skylights, exposed beams and rockeries. All of our functional and fine art ceramics are designed to give harmonious relationships to interior and exterior spaces.


We believe happiness matters, and strong grassroots organizations benefit everyone.

We believe in the ripple effect of compassion.

Al and I support Pacific Northwest foodbanks and homeless shelters. 




Born & raised in Seattle, I'm a self-taught ceramicist with a 25-year background in the food service industry (The Rainier Club, The Space Needle Restaurant). Making the jump to ceramics in 2011 was a natural choice, as the kiln is an oven, the clay is dough, and glaze is formulated like sauce.


Bizen ware of the Momoyama Period, and Raku ware of the early Edo Period inspires my work. I (often) finish fine art pieces with blunt tools made from split wood or metal brackets (chattering tools). I prefer making primitive glazes with a few essential ingredients. I love Robert Sperry's use of black oxide and white porcelain slip on stoneware.

In 2017, I had the privilege of viewing a trio of Sperry's bowls during a curatorial tour of Pivot Art + Culture, given by Greg Bell. 


In 2012, I took a 2-day, 16-hour raku seminar with ceramics masters: Gail and Robert Piepenburg, plus David Roberts in Seattle.


We have vases on permanent display in the front window of the Wild Ginger in Seattle.

2022: Feb. 9th - 13th

NW Flower and Garden Festival, Washington state Convention Center, Seattle

Ciscoe Morris Green Man Sculpture, Mixed Media, 7' x 3'


November 8th-17th,

LOCALLY SOURCED pop-up gallery @ the Pacific NW Ballet, McCaw Hall, Seattle


February 20-24th; Northwest Flower and Garden Show, Floral Competition

Washington State Convention Center, Seattle


May 1, opened Spirit Line Pottery virtual art gallery on website


August 1st: Opened Spirit Line Pottery's Virtual Art Gallery@


March 2nd:  Jubilee Women's Center Spring Auction @ Axis Art Gallery, Seattle


February 7th-11th:  Northwest Flower And Garden Show, Floral Competition

Washington State Convention Center, Seattle WA



July 28th-30th: Kingston Art Festival Juried Art Show & also in the Silent Auction


April & May 2017: Studio 227, Broadway Ave E, Seattle


March 1st-26th: A/NT Gallery, Seattle Center International Pavilion


January 3-30th: A/NT Gallery, Seattle Center International Pavilion



December 9th: PDL's Bureau of Arts & Culture Group Show

GIVE GALLERY            King Street Station, Seattle


September: Fall Fest: Makers Market @ Second Use Sodo        Seattle


June: Goddess Festival in the NW African American Museum, Seattle 



November 1st-30th: Solo show @ Fremont Jewelry Design, Fremont Art Walk, Seattle


2014: Northwest Orchid Society Group Show @ 2014 NW Flower & Garden Show,

Seattle @ Washington State Convention Center.

10' x 8' live art installation with 32 custom-designed hanging raku orchid pots.


We sell custom and stock ceramics all over the USA @