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The Art of Hydration

Updated: Feb 10

Watering orchids is an art, a science,

and a growth process for the plants and their humans alike.

Every orchid species has a story to tell. When we take the time to listen, the exchange becomes a meditation

on peace, beauty and balance.

A healthy balance of air and water is easier to achieve in a hothouse,

but not all of us have that kind of space, right?

Yes, it is possible to have great humidity indoors in Arizona, for instance, or

at New Years in Seattle . . when it's pouring outside, but too dry indoors with the heat on.

I love avid, Pacific Northwest orchid growers,

whose passion for cultivation have few boundaries.

They have small, brightly-lit nylon greenhouses in the middle of their super warm,

VERY humid living rooms.

I admire their devotion--and their thriving plants (as I trip over a bag of growing medium).

I'm a ceramicist in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest who makes 'pottery homes' for orchids and their owners.

Part of the art of growing orchids rests in a hydration system that's beautifully functional.

Our unglazed orchid pots are infused with carbon from the raku kiln firing process.

They are naturally colored, and each has unique flame patterns.

We never stain with India ink,

and only "smoke" the pottery with organic cedar shavings.

The newspapers we use are printed with soy ink.

Our raku O-Pots wick water to let air roots . . breathe!

You can find unglazed orchid pot sets like this one below

on our main website: www.spiritlinepottery.com

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